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Commercial distribution


Commercialisation and internationalisation strategy: standardisation vs adaptation
Lead Researcher: Alicia Barroso Ludeña
Research Centre: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Open collaboration in the innovation and internationalisation strategy for the distribution of fashion and accessories
Lead Researcher: Carlota Mª Lorenzo Romero
Research Centre: Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha. Albacete.


Multi-channel marketing: towards integrated, profitable management of relations with customers
Lead Researcher: Francisco Javier Sesé Oliván
Research Centre: Universidad de Zaragoza.


Legal system governing international commercialisation and distribution: sectoral applications in goods and merchandise markets and in financial markets
Lead Researcher: Ángel Espiniella Menéndez
Research Centre: Universidad de Oviedo.


Repercussions of the elimination of national brand names in products sold by the food distribution groups on the image of the establishment, the intention to visit and the intention to buy the distributor's brand: direct effects and analysis of moderating factors
Lead Researcher:
 Juan Carlos Gázquez Abad
Research Centre: Universidad de Almería.


Towards an integrated framework of commercial distribution in the European Union: the freedoms of provision of services and establishment
Lead Researcher:
Raúl Ignacio Rodríguez Magdaleno
Research Centre: Universidad de Oviedo.

Customer capital in high-consumption retail markets
Lead Researcher: Natalia María Rubio Benito
Research Centre: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

The effective use of automatic restocking systems in retailers' supply chains
Lead Researcher: Antti Tenhiäla
Research Centre: IE Business School. Madrid.


Future of sales via the mobile phone. Potential buyers and the vision of companies
Lead Researcher: Sonia San Martín Gutiérrez
Research Centre: Universidad de Burgos.

Development of a management to measure the impact of prices and sales promotions in distribution establishments and application in the food retail trade in Spain
Lead Researcher: María Pilar Martínez Ruiz 
Research Centre: Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de Cuenca. 

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