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International economics


How does heterogeneity in firms' strategies derive from a country's institutional features?
Lead Researcher
: Caterina Moschieri
Research Centre: IE Business School. Madrid.

International collaboration and R&D offshoring strategies: development and implications for business competitiveness
Lead Researcher
: Alicia Rodríguez Márquez
Research Centre: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Inequality, innovation and intellectual property rights
Lead Researcher: Raúl Santaeulalia Llopis
Research Centre: Fundación MOVE. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

The impact of non-resident holders in sovereign debt
Lead Researcher: Pedro Serrano Jiménez
Research Centre: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.


Heterogeneity, multinational companies and innovation: stimulation of spillover effects through technology transfer
Lead Researcher: Ramón Núñez Sánchez
Research Centre: Universidad de Cantabria. Santander.

Over-indebtedness: interaction between public and private debt
Lead Researcher: Hernán Daniel Seoane Bernadaz
Research Centre: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.


Analysis of the CDS Market: risk, contagion and evaluation
Lead Researcher: Laura Ballester Miquel
Research Centre: Universidad de Valencia.

Technological innovation in developing countries: theoretical analysis and empirical evidence in Sub-Saharan Africa
Lead Researcher: Pedro Mendi Güemes
Research Centre: Universidad de Navarra. Pamplona.


The effects of trade imbalances on salary inequality
Lead Researcher: Rosario Crinò
Research Centre: Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros (CEMFI). Madrid.

Risk of interest rate and inflation: study of the US Stock Market
Lead Researcher: Francisco Jareño Cebrián
Research Centre: Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.

Accumulation of public capital and performance of the private sector in the European Union: a proposal to study the productivity of the structural and cohesion funds of the last three decades
Lead Researcher: Manuel León Navarro
Research Centre: Colegio Universitario Cardenal Cisneros. Madrid.

The services sector in developing economies: a new engine of growth?
Lead Researcher:
 Gisela Di Meglio
Research Centre: Universidad Complutense. Madrid.

Heterogeneous consumers and public spending shocks
Lead Researcher: Luca Gambetti 
Research Centre: Consorcio Markets. Organizations and Votes in Economics. Barcelona.

How to prevent contagion during international debt crises
Lead Researcher: Antonio Moreno Ibáñez
Research Centre: Universidad de Navarra.  

New demand forces of structural change in growing economies
Lead Researcher: Josep Pijoan Mas
Research Centre: Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros (CEMFI). Madrid.

Public debt crisis and the banking system
Lead Researcher: Alberto M. Martin
Research Centre: Centre de Recerca en Economía Internacional (CREI). Barcelona.

Institutions, comparative advantage and the environment
Lead Researcher:Fernando A. Broner Pasik
Research Centre:Centre de Recerca en Economía Internacional (CREI). Barcelona. 

The long cycles of innovation, growth and the productivity gap between Europe and the United States
Lead Researcher: Klaus Desmet
Research Centre: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

The economic roots of domestic terrorism
Lead Researcher: Marta Reynal Querol
Research Centre: Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona.

Migrations and development aid: the role of migrations in the geographical reorientation of Spanish official development aid
Lead Researcher: Sergio Tezanos Vázquez
Research Centre: Universidad de Cantabria. Santander

The integration of European public debt markets
Lead Researcher: Pilar Abad Romero
Research Centre: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

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