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Epigenetic regulation mediated by Ring1A/Ring1B, the ubiquitin ligases of the Polycomb system

Lead Researcher:
Miguel Ángel Vidal Caballero 

Research Centre:
Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas. CSIC. Madrid. Centro Andaluz de Biología Molecular y Medicina Regenerativa. CSIC. Sevilla.

Miguel Ángel VidalPolycomb group genes encode proteins that assemble into two main types of complexes characterised by their histone-modifying activity. One of them, through the activity of two protein-ligases, Ring1A and Ring1B, is responsible for the monoubiquitination of histone H2A, often associated with gene repression in a variety of contexts. The project addresses two main objectives. One is to determine whether the different protein complexes containing Ring1A and Ring1B perform separable roles in a model of mouse embryonic stem cells. The other, using a genetic approach that allows controlled inactivation of Ring1A and Ring1B proteins in mice, is to establish common and differential elements in their activities in foetal and adult stages in progenitor cells in neural and haematopoietic systems. 


2 papers at international conferences  

Miguel Ángel Vidal Caballero 
Date of Birth: 18th January 1956, Madrid
1979-1984 Research Department (Dr. P. Conde). Ramón y Cajal Hospital, Madrid. Doctoral Thesis (Interaction of human IgM with protein A of S. aureus. Structural basis of alternative reactivity of immunoglobulins to protein A.
1985-1989 MRC Scientist and EMBO Fellow
Laboratory of Gene Structure and Expression (Dr. Frank Grosveld).
National Institute for Medical Research, Medical Research Council, London (United Kingdom).
Development of a test for mutagenicity in mammalian cells (Oncogene Science) and regulation of gene expression in transgenic mouse models.
1989-1991 Scientist at CIEMAT.
Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology (Dr. J.L. Jorcano)
Identification in transgenic mice of cis-regulatory elements in keratin genes
1991 - Senior Scientist, Research Scientist at the CSIC.
Biological Research Centre (CSIC), Madrid
Epigenetic regulation by Polycomb gene system

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