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H2 production from glycerol with the concurrence of isolated microbial cells from the extremophile ecosystem of Rio Tinto

Lead Researcher: 
Víctor Manuel Fernández López 

Research Centre: 
Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica. CSIC. Madrid. (Spain).

This project proposes the production of hydrogen from glycerol by electrochemical processes catalysed by acidophilic bacteria isolated from the Rio Tinto river as a possible alternative to enhance this by-product. Through an understanding of the metabolic capabilities of these bacteria and taking into account their property of connecting electrically to carbon electrodes, the proposal is to develop a process imitating their natural function and producing bacterial electrodes that can be used in the oxidation of glycerol to generate hydrogen with the energy derived from bacterial metabolisation. The development of a system for the electro-generation of hydrogen is a goal of considerable interest and importance, from both an energy and an environmental perspective.


2 articles published in Journals  

Víctor Manuel Fernández López
He took a Degree in Pharmacy with a Special Prize from the University of Granada in 1967 and received his doctorate "cum laude" from the same university in 1970. Since 1973, he has been a member of the CSIC and the Rocasolano Institute and Institute of Catalysis in Madrid. He is currently researching Microbial Electrodes and the Molecular Biology of Enzymes (hydrogenases and laccases), and the development of strategies oriented at their immobilisation using solid electrodes. He held a Ministry of Education and Science Scholarship 1968-1970, and another from the CNRS (Centre de Biochimie, Nice: 1974-1975) and was a Fellow of the Royal Society (King's College, London) 1983-1985. Co-author of 4 international patents, one in operation. Publications: 120 publications in international journals and 5 chapters in multiple author books (Hirsch index: 30) and more than 40 papers at scientific meetings

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