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Objectives and spheres of action

The Ramón Areces Foundation is a privately-funded non-profit institution focusing since its creation on the patronage of science through the fostering of research, contributing to the generation of human capital and the dissemination of knowledge in three specific areas:

• Life and Earth Sciences 
• Social Sciences 
• Humanities 

The Foundation also engages in activities through support and collaboration agreements with over a hundred scientific and cultural institutions.

Research aid

Since it was set up, the Ramón Areces Foundation has maintained its steady support for Science as the driving force behind progress and an effective route to try and resolve the challenges of modern society.

• It funds research projects in its action areas of the Life and Earth Sciences, the Social Sciences, and the Humanities, with the aim of consolidating a solid scientific and technological structure in our country.

• Every year, over a hundred projects are carried out in research centres run by the Higher Science Research Council ("Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas", CSIC), hospitals, universities as well as in other research institutions throughout Spain.

• The projects are mostly led by scientists under 40 years of age to whom the Ramón Areces Foundation assigns the intellectual and industrial property rights generated by their discoveries. 

Training of Human Capital

The Ramón Areces Foundation is committed to developing the talent of young Spanish researchers and professionals. Through the study-extension Scholarship Programme, more than a hundred students in the Life and Earth Sciences and in the Social Sciences have the opportunity, every year, to complete their postgraduate academic training at Universities and Research Centres throughout the world.

The Ramón Areces Foundation Extraordinary Chair in Commercial Distribution is one aspect of this scope for the generation of Human Capital. Located at the University of Oviedo, this is the first in Spain devoted to this specific area of economic activity.

The Ramón Areces Foundation also finances, in whole or in part, other human capital training programmes through the award of grants in collaboration with institutions of excellence.

Dissemination of Knowledge

Bringing society closer to scientific knowledge and culture constitutes an essential part of the original goals of the Ramón Areces Foundation. Through its own activity programme, the institution's headquarters provides a forum for key players to meet and evangelize Science and the Humanities, with the assiduous participation of national and international experts as keynote speakers, with an outstanding representation of world-renowned researchers. Furthermore, the Foundation publishes works bringing together, on the one hand, the fruits of various research projects, symposia or lecture seasons held at the Foundation's headquarters and, on the other hand, texts by leading authors or collaborations with prestigious institutions.

In addition, the Foundation has its own institutional publication, "FRA, Revista de Ciencias y Humanidades" and an Internet television channel, www.fundacionareces.tv, that are both open to the whole of society as new vehicles at the service of scientific and cultural dissemination.

Institutional patronage

In addition to its own activities, the Ramón Areces Foundation carries out a determined effort for institutional co-operation with numerous organizations and centres also committed to Research, Development and Innovation. Through a number of programmes, the Foundation encourages collaboration and combined efforts in research projects aiming to speed up innovation processes thanks to their shared goals.

In the field of the Humanities, this line of institutional co-operation is aimed mainly at supporting projects related to the Conservation and Recovery of our country's Historic, Artistic and Cultural Heritage, as well as the award of financial aid for scientific and cultural institutions of recognized prestige.

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