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Research Funding

Life and Matter Sciences

The Ramón Areces Foundation promotes basic research into scientific disciplines at the development phase which require considerable economic resources and equipment, as well as clinical or applied research, whose results are aimed at improving people's quality of life. The current priority areas of research are:

  • Rare diseases
  • Immunotherapy and cancer
  • Exosomes: intercellular communication as a therapeutic weapon
  • Interactome: pathological implications
  • Cell therapy in neurodegenerative diseases
  • Tissue reprogramming and organoids
  • Food security and biotechnology
  • Renewable energy: materials and processes
  • Graphene, foundations and applications

Social Sciences

In the sphere of Social Sciences, the Ramón Areces Foundation backs projects which seek solutions to the main challenges that will be faced by modern society in the future: economic, educational, institutional, together with those related to development.
The current priority areas of investigation are:

  • International economics
  • Public economics
  • Labour economics
  • Industrial economics and regulation
  • Commercial distribution
  • Economics of Education
  • Economic history

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