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III MadMac Annual Conference: Demographics and Macroeconomics

Social Sciences | Madrid, 7 and 8 June, 2018


Population is aging in Europe and in many other Western countries. This conference presents the latest research studying the interplay between the demographic structure of the population and the macroeconomy. The topics are connected by three major themes: health, intergenerational transfers, and aging itself. In relation to the first theme, the conference covers recent work on the analysis of health risks and its consequences for both economic behavior at the individual level, and for inequality and redistribution at the aggregate level. In relation to the topic of intergenerational transfers, the conference discusses some recent work on formal and informal mechanisms of long-term care for the elderly, as well as intergenerational mobility and its relation to economic outcomes more generally. The last theme of the conference covers the consequences of an aging population on issues like international capital flows or the automation in production.

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