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FRA Magazine: Creating seamless experiences with IoT

Anjay Sarma, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): "I believe that IoT is a design language. And that we’re living in a very special time. We are inventing the verbs and nouns that make up a new language. We’re finding new ways of doing and saying things. Our narrative structure is different".

   See the paper 

Thomas Piketty: the problem of inequality

What happens in the world? Why inequality exists. Piketty was at our headquarters and expressed his opiniones, included in his book: "Capital and Ideology".

Listen to his speech

What about "Single-particle cryo-electron microscopy"?

Molecules are tightly packed in a crystal and are not necessarily in a structural conformation that corresponds to one of their native, functional states.  

Joachim Frank, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2017,  talked about it.

Listen to his speech


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