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Research centres : Hospital Universitario de la Princesa. Madrid.

Ana Carmen Urzainqui Mayayo

  • Degree: Biology. University of Navarre (1980)
  • Doctorate: Biology, Autonomous University, Madrid (1987). She worked on polio virus and African swine plague virus under the direction of Dr. Luis Carrasco Llamas
  • Postdoctoral Research Activity in the USA:
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Scholarship from the MEC (March 1989-Sept 1990). Plant-microbe interaction, nitrogen fixing
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. MEC scholarship and Visiting Research Associate (Sept 1990-April 1992). Study of the role of absciscic acid in plants
    • During this stage she started her training in plants, undertaking studies in genetics and molecular biology
  • Postdoctoral Research Activity in Spain:
    • Molecular Biology Centre (CBM). Postdoctoral MEC scholarship (1988-March 1989): She took part in projects of Dr. Juan Ortín on flu virus
    • ETSI for Agricultural Engineering, Microbiology Department, Polytechnic University, Madrid. Postdoctoral Reincorporation Grant (March 1992-June 1993). She worked on projects of Dr. Tomás Ruiz Argüeso on nitrogen fixing and the interaction between plants and pathogens
    • National Biotechnology Centre (CNB). MEC Postdoctoral Reincorporation Contract (1993-1995). She worked on projects of Dr. Juan Antonio Álvarez on plant-pathogen interaction and on plum pox virus (sharka)
    • CNB, Postdoctoral scholarship associated with a European project (1995-1998). She took part in projects of Dr. Javier Paz-Ares on the myb gene family in plants
    • Princesa University Hospital, Immunology Dept. Postdoctoral Contract. (1999- 2005). She took part in projects of Dr. Francisco Sánchez Madrid on cell biology of the immune system, through which she gained knowledge in immunology and obtained the results that would lead to her starting her own line of research
    • During this time, she took part in several research groups and gained a solid and broad training in different scientific areas (microbiology, plants and immunology) together with training in the techniques of genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology
  • Activity as a Miguel Servet Researcher:
    • Princesa University Hospital, Immunology Department, Miguel Servet Research Contract at the SNS (ISCIII) (January 2006 - January 2012)
    • During this time she commenced her career as a Principal Investigator. She obtained projects from the Health Research Fund (FIS) and started her own line of research
  • ISCIII Established Researcher: January 2006

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