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Research centres : Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Salamanca (IBSAL). CSIC-Universidad de Salamanca.

Ángel Hernández Hernández

Graduate (1993) and Doctor in Biology (1998) from the University of Salamanca. Extraordinary prize for Degree and Doctorate. Postdoctoral visits in the Instituto Cajal (Madrid, 1998-2000) and the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR, London, 2000-2003). Research visits in other prestigious international centres such as the Karolinska Institute (Huddinge, Sweden) and the Molecular Pathology Institute (IMP, Vienna). Professor in the University of Salamanca from 2008, and group leader in cancer of the Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Salamanca-IBSAL.

Laboratory research centres on analysing the role of oxygen-reactive substances (ORS) as secondary messengers during haematopoiesis. Tumour cells present high levels of ORS, and our work shows that oxidase NADPH, a family of enzymes that specialise in the production of ORS, are an interesting therapeutic target against leukaemia, so that we are interested in exploring the study of this enzyme family. The scientific career of Dr. Hernández Hernández is backed by his direction of several theses, as well as publications in highly prestigious journals such as Mol Cell Biol., EMBO J., Cell Death Differ. and Clin Cancer Res, among others.

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Communications in national congresses: 1 

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