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Research centres : Fundación Instituto de Investigación en Energía de Cataluña (IREC). Barcelona

Cristina Flox Donoso

She graduated in Chemistry (2002) from the University of Castile-La Mancha (Ciudad Real) and gained her Doctorate (2008) with European Mention in the University of Barcelona. Her doctoral thesis was written under the direction of Prof. Enric Brillas in the "Laboratori d'Electroquímica dels Materials i del Medi Ambient", on the study of advanced electrochemical oxidisation processes of persistent organic pollutants in water. During this stage she developed a flow device at pilot plant scale to apply advanced oxidisation processes (AOPs), including electro-Fenton, photoelectro-Fenton and solar photo-Fenton. Subsequently (2008-2010), she made postdoctoral visits to technology centres such as AIICA and LEITAT, thanks to a Torres Quevedo contract from the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain. During this time she investigated several processes for bioremediation, nanofiltration and electrodialysis on a semi-industrial scale.

On 17 June 2010 she started work in the "Institut de Recerca de Energia de Catalunya" (Barcelona) with the aim of developing flow electrochemical energy storage devices such as vanadium redox flow batteries, as well as new concept batteries such as semi-solid lithium ion batteries and sodium ion and super-condenser.

Scientific production

  • Communications in national congresses: 1
  • Communications in international congresses: 1

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