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contenidos especiales: conference cycle: mes geográfico 2019

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Conferences cycle:
The conquest of Space
50 years since the Moon landing. History and stories of exploration of the space

The exploration of the space is one of the ultimate challenges forrestless spirits. If in the 19th century it was Africa and in the 20th century was the Poles and the highest peaks , in the 21st century the frontier is the Space. It will be our next conquest and the objective of man and science to widen horizons and look for new resources. The investigation of Space has allowed us to get to know in depth planet Earth. But, will men return to the Moon? Are we about to discover new worlds where we will be able to live? After 50 years, what has space exploration taught us about our Planet Earth? This cycle of lectures gets together experts that will talk to us about the achievements of space exploration, a few anecdotes about its conquest, the new challenges in the study of the solar system and the new projects to conquer these spaces for man to use them. 



Fundación Ramón Areces.
C/ Vitruvio, 5. 28006 Madrid.


Lola Escudero
Secretaria General de la Sociedad Geográfica Española.

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