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Down Syndrome. From the molecular mechanisms to clinical trials

Life and Matter Sciences Series of Conferences February 4, 2016 Madrid

General information

Venue: Salón de Actos Fundación Ramón Areces c/ Vitruvio, 5. 28006 Madrid

Organized by:

Fundación Ramón Areces and Nature Publishing Group

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Down's Syndrome is a genetic alteration saused by an extra or partial copy of chromosome 21. It is the most frequent viable chromosomal alteration in human beings, which affects more than 30,000 people in Spain, approximately one in every 750 births. Although no cure has been developed or Down's Syndrome, recent studies are working on furthering our knowledge of the mechanisms that cause the symptoms and on identifying the genes that produce an abnormal amount of proteins. The result of these studies could provide information about the cell pathways and processes involved in this disorder and would allow us to harbour hopes of achieving future treatments that would alleviate at least some of the symptoms.

Thursday, 4



Raimundo Pérez-Hernández y Torra
Director, Fundación Ramón Areces. Spain.

Federico Mayor Zaragoza
President, Scientific Council. Fundación Ramón Areces. Spain.

Soledad Santos Suárez 
Director Editorial España y Portugal, Springer Healthcare, a Springer Nature business.



Juan Carlos López
Former editor of Nature Medicine, New York. USA.



Using mouse genetics to understand Down Syndrome

Victor Tybulewicz
Group Leader of the Francis Crick Institute. London. UK.

Drug discovery

Xavier Liogier d'Ardhuy
Senior Principal Scientist in CNS (Translational Medicine): Down Syndrome, Autism, Depression, AD. Roche Innovation Center Basel. Switzerland.


Clinical trials and basic mechanisms

Alberto Costa

Researcher at the Department of Pediatrics. School of Medicine. Case Western Reserve Univesity. Cleveland, Ohio. USA.


Molecular mechanisms of learning in relation to Down syndrome

Mara Dierssen

Head of Group, Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory and Systems. Center of Genomics Regulation in Barcelona. President of the Spanish Society of Neuroscience. Spain.



Juan Carlos López

Round table

Victor Tybulewicz, Xavier Liogier D'ardhuy, Alberto Costa and Mara Dierssen

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