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One health: Climate change, environmental pollution and the impact on human and animal health

Panel Discussion Monday, November 25, 2019, 19:00 hours Madrid

General information:

Venue: Fundación Ramón Areces. Calle Vitruvio, 5. 28006. Madrid.

Free admission. Necessary previous online registration. Limited capacity.  

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It is a fact that climate is suffering a progressive change. The Earth is experiencing an augmentation of the heat of 1-4ºC all along the XXI Century, mainly due to the increase of the concentration of the so-called greenhouse gas emissions. This will bring a series of changes in the medium and long term, that will directly affect to all the inhabitants of the planet; among them, animal species including the marine ones, vegetation, and inexorably also the human population. This is a reality in which all the species of the planet are involved.

The world is facing new challenges that force us to react before the contemporary lifestyles, to preserve the health of the ecosystems and the habitability on the Earth for all its beings. Climate change and environmental pollution are current facts that will affect us even more heavily if we do not set up measures to restrain them. It is maybe the first “global” problem of our Age and it can produce concerns of worldwide scale with severe consequences for the health, such as epidemies and pandemics. It is also a problem of the future, as far as the liveability on the planet and its health conditions are our legacy for the future generations.  

Climate change and environmental contamination are imperative challenges to be faced by mankind, both at the global and individual levels. That is why we are convinced that the reflections to be shared in this event will raise great interest. Crucial issues will be addressed in order to understand some of the health consequences of climate change and pollution in a round table format with five renowned speakers.  

Our speakers, a team of professionals committed to the health of people, animals and environment, have directed their efforts around a publication about the concept of “One Health” (global health) and the repercussion of contamination and climate change at different levels; some of them being truly important despite not usually found at the front page of the newspapers. The book “ONE HEALTH: Climate change, environmental contamination and impact on human and animal health” stands as an axis that articulates clear, complete, precise and rigorous pieces of knowledge, and it has gathered authentic sages of different fields around a multidisciplinary project as it is in fact this round table. 

Monday, November 25

18:30 h.

Attendee check-in

19:00 h.


G. José Díaz   
Amazing Books.

19:10 h.

One health: Climate change, environmental pollution and the impact on human and animal health 


Federico Mayor Zaragoza  
Chairman of the Scientific Council. Fundación Ramón Areces.

Santiago Vega García  
Full Professor of Animal Health. Facultad de Veterinaria. Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera. Book Coordinator: One Health.

Joaquín Araújo Ponciano  
Naturalist, writer, journalist, documentary film director. Speaker and Spain National Environment Award. 

Juan Carlos Castillejo  
General manager MSD Animal Health Spain and Portugal.

Juan Carlos Gil Rubio
Executive Director Vaccines Business Unit MSD Spain.


20:10 h.

Closing remarks 

Federico Mayor Zaragoza  
Chairman of the Scientific Council. Fundación Ramón Areces.

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