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Víctor Vidal Lacosta

The stress in the current society. The pandemy of the XXI Century

Life and Matter Sciences Conference Thursday, October 24, 2019 19:30 hours Madrid

General information:

Venue: Fundación Ramón Areces. Calle Vitruvio, 5. 28006. Madrid.

Free admission. Necessary previous online registration. Limited capacity.   

Organized by:

Fundación Ramón Areces

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Everyone at a time in our lives, we suffer from stress, it is really a public health problem on the rise, especially at work. Sometimes society sees it as trivial (the term stress has normalized) and forget its serious consequences. Know the two types of stress (eustres and distress) and analyze their evolutionary histor. List and analyze in depth the different sources that cause work stress and the repercussions on the physical and mental health in the bio-psycho-social human being (depression, fatigue, burnout syndrome, psychosomatic syndromes, etc.). To review the greatest discoveries and recent medical researches of the last years of stress as the main protagonist of diseases (early dementias, ICTUS, cancer, etc.). Even the latest advances and the best tools to curb Distres (negative stress). Given the impact and the seriousness of the great ravages of stress, it is good to be aware and start taking measures, even to see it as a disease, let's not forget that stress becomes the cause of a large number of pathologies, and even aggravate the preexisting. It is in this year 2019 when the WHO recognizes the Burnaout Syndrome as a disease. Several preventive techniques are analyzed, collected in the book just published by Dr. Vidal "Work stress Analysis and prevention", useful in companies and at a particular level. Always with positive vision and progress to put the focus of attention to distress, the greatest pandemic of our century.


Thursday, October 24

19:00 h.

Attendee check-in

19:30 h.

The stress in the current society. The pandemy of the XXI Century

Víctor Vidal Lacosta 
Profesor e Investigador en Ciencias  Bio-Médicas. Inspector Médico Nacional del Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (INSS). Especialista en Medicina del Trabajo y Psicosociología.



Víctor Vidal Lacosta is a doctor in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Zaragoza with mention Cum Laude, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Zaragoza, Medical Specialist in Occupational Medicine, National Medical Inspector of the National Institute of Social Security and Professor and researcher Biomedical Sciences in Universities Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza and La Rioja. He is an expert in the subject of work stress -15 years of medical research in collaboration with Spanish and European Universities.  Collaborator in the written press on a weekly basis -El Periódico and Expansión (Welfare and Health Section) and on TVE programs for scientific dissemination and health.  He has written the book: Estrés laboral: análisis y prevención

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