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Atmospheric CO2 capture: technologies for a sustainable future

Life and Matter Sciences

Nature Papers 2022


Ah-Hyung (Alissa) Park
Jorge A. Rodríguez Navarro
Jean-Paul Lange
Rosalind E. M. Rickaby

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Welcome to the fourteenth conference-debate, which is the result of the collaboration between Fundación Ramón Areces and Springer Nature group that, for the second consecutive year, is held online. Throughout these pandemic months we have learned that global problems require global solutions. This year's topic, ATMOSPHERIC CO2 CAPTURE: technologies for a sustainable future, brings us closer to a global problem such as the planet warming. It is clear that the increasing population and the growing demand for energy and water make it difficult to achieve the sustainable development goal that the UN has called ‘Climate Action’. However, we believe that the coordinated collaboration of scientists, governments and the general population can help to develop and implement strategies that will bring us closer to this goal.

In this edition, our guest speakers will show us various strategies that allow CO2 capture and storage in biological structures or in ocean biomass. They will also show us the latest advances in the design of specific materials that facilitate CO2 absorption and transformation.

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