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Biomimetics sensors: Their use and potential in Medicine

Life and Matter Sciences

Nature Papers 2020


George Malliaras
Ana Maiques
Marc Güell Cargol
Rabia Tugce Yazicigil

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In this 12th edition of “Conferences and Debates on Science”, jointly organised with Springer Nature, and under the title “Biomimetics sensors: Their use and potential in Medicine". Experts in engineering, biomedicine and bioethics gathered to discuss the progress in the development of advanced biomimetic devices, including devices capable of monitoring human fluids through the skin (sweat, saliva or tears) or be ingested as well as their application in monitoring and treating diseases such as diabetes.

These tools are inspired by the way biological systems work, since they are able to monitor physiological patterns and respond accurately to biophysical stimuli. These devices offer hope to many patients, such as those suffering from diabetes or neurological diseases, and represent a window into improving the knowledge of human body and minds.

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