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Cellular therapies: new opportunities offered by genetic engineering and immunotherapy

Life and Matter Sciences

Nature Papers 2023


Luca Biasco
Evelyn Ullrich
Elena Garralda
Omid Veiseh

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This 15th edition of the Cycle of Conferences and Debates in Sciences, jointly organized by the Fundación Ramó Areces and Springer Nature, focuses on cell therapies and the enormous opportunities that are glimpsed in this area thanks to the progress made in genetic engineering and immunotherapy.

Cell therapies based on the administration of modified cells to fight a disease have become a resource that has experienced enormous growth in its clinical application in recent years. There are many examples of success already known, such as the use of genetically altered cells (such as CAR-T) to attack various types of tumours, or stem cells to treat, for example, the damaged cornea. Precisely, the main objective of this conference has been to have the most outstanding clinical scientific approach to show some successful experiences with therapies based on modified cells for the treatment of lymphomas and solid cancers.

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