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Designing the future: innovation and technology for businesses. Opportunities and challenges

Life and Matter Sciences

Fra Papers 2018


George Westerman
John Williams
Abel Sánchez
Luis Pérez-Breva
Michael Casey
Matthias Winkenbach
Federico Casalegno
Georgia Perakis

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Driven by technological advances such as mobility, artificial intelligence, social networks and the Internet of things, companies from all industries ara tracing their paths to the digital economy.

The World Wide Web has given rise to new business models, but it has also generated cybersecurity threats, due to its inherent "trust" model. The arrival of bitcoin and its underlying technology, blockchain, entails a fundamental paradigm shift in the financial and business worlds. The use of Big Data, advanced optimization algorithms and innovate technologies can help improve the quality, reliability and profitability of comapines, while maintaining environmental sustainability.

In this context, eight renowned MIT faculty address the opportunities and challenges posed by digital money, last-mile delivery in urban cities, cybersecurity, millenials engagement, and commercial promotions optimization at the International Symposium: "Designing the future: Innovation and technology for businesses. Opportunities and challenges", among other topics.

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