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Diversidad biológica y biodiversidad

Life and Matter Sciences

Books 2006


Ramón Margalef
Francisco García Novo
Francisco Díaz Pineda
Antonio Gómez Sal
Rodrigo Gámez
Javier Montalvo
B. A. Hawkins
Jaume Terradas
José María Rey Benayas


This volume contains 31 papers whose topics range from evolutionary significance to the cataloguing of biological diversity. After an overview of the current state of research by the editors, there is an interesting contribution on the evolutionary significance of diversity, graciously provided by Ramón Margalef, who died before the volume was published and to whom the book is dedicated.

The contributions have been organized into groups, covering patterns of diversity, dynamic aspects, genetic diversity and human interference in diversity, and ending with the inventorying and management of biological diversity in Costa Rica and Spain.

The edition

  • Coordinators: Francisco García Novo, Francisco Díaz Pineda and Antonio Gómez Sal
  • Introduction: F. García Novo, F. Díaz Pineda and A. Gómez Sal
  • Edition: 2006
  • No. pages: 187
  • Binding: 21,5x30,5. Hardcover
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