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La Civilización Maya: descubrimientos recientes


Books 1998


Miguel Rivera Dorado
Cristina Vidal Lorenzo
Andrés Ciudad Ruiz
José Miguel García Campillo


The Mayan civilization was pre-Columbian America's most brilliant, most highly developed civilization. It produced some outstanding monumental and religious expressions, developed the only known American writing system that can be called a writing system in all propriety, and it lasted much longer than any other civilization in its area.

This book, which is the product of a series of lectures held at the Ramón Areces Foundation, approaches the study of the Mayan people, their history and their culture, from their remotest ethnic origins to the present day, thanks to recent years numerous discoveries in Mayan studies.

The edition

  • Edition: 1998
  • No. pages: 153
  • Binding: 17x25. Paperback
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