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La productividad en la economía española

Social Sciences

Books 2006


Julio Segura
Juan Francisco Jimeno
Rocío Sánchez Mangas
Elena Huergo
Lourdes Moreno


This book, produced under the auspices of the Ramón Areces Foundation and directed by Professor Julio Segura, analyzes the evolution of labor productivity (LP) and total-factor productivity (TFP) in the Spanish economy up to 2004, over the course of six chapters written by recognized economists. It compares LP and TFP evolution with those of other leading economic areas.

It analyzes the five fundamental determinants in the evolution of the productivity of the Spanish economy (the ability to assimilate and generate new technologies; the job-qualification level; the more -or less- competitive functioning of markets; the institutional and regulatory framework of the economy; and the efficacy of public institutions and public investment in networks and the level of health), and it gives some recommendations on technological policy, educational policy, labor-market reform, the allocation of public expenditure and other areas, for reversing the trend. The book therefore provides not only a joint view of the problem, but also new ideas for discussion.

The edition

  • Coordinator: Julio Segura
  • Prologue: Julio Segura
  • Edition: 2006
  • No. pages: 234
  • Biding: 17x24. Paperback
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