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Los Reinos de Taifas. Un Siglo de Oro en la cultura hispanomusulmana


Books 1997


Joaquín Vallvé Bermejo
María Jesús Viguera Molins
Luis Suárez Fernández
María Jesús Rubiera Mata
Julio Samsó


This book is a collaborative effort with Royal Academy of History. Its origin lies in a series of lectures held at the Ramón Areces Foundation in homage to the memory of Emilio García Gómez, one of the most distinguished Arabists of all times.

The volume allows the reader to relive the period of the decadence-loving courts governed by poet kings, analyzing the Taifa kingdoms on the basis of the legacy of the Caliphate of Córdoba, their social, political and economic history, their literature and their science.

The edition

  • Prologue: Antonio Rumeu de Armas
  • Edition: In cooperation with the Royal Academy of History, 1997
  • No. pages: 136
  • Binding: 17x25. Hardcover
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