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Personalized Medicine

Life and Matter Sciences

Nature Papers February 2011


Juan Carlos López
Dan Roden
Stephen Koslow
Carlos Caldas
Philip Ma

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After the first two joint conferences, and thanks to the philanthropy and interest in science of the Fundación Ramón Areces, this year we wanted to offer a debate on what has been dubbed personalised medicine, reviewing its growth in clinical practice and assessing its benefits and costs for society and the individual. Ever since the first issue of Nature magazine, published in 1869, Nature Publishing Group has pursued a two-fold objective and intent in its communication activities: on the one hand, to offer a platform of communication and the exchange of knowledge to the scientific community, a vehicle of communication enabling scientific investigators to disseminate their findings, exchange data, ideas, doubts and projects—a communication activity which we deem to be indispensable if science is to advance more rapidly—and, on the other hand, to disseminate and transmit these scientific advances to society, interpreting and translating them, as it were, from the standpoint of the benefits and advantages for society’s welfare and quality of life, as well as their possible risks or drawbacks, and thus underscore and help society to understand the importance of such research for it to progress.

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