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Stem cells and organoids. Unlocking their potential to understand and treat disease

Life and Matter Sciences

Nature Papers Febrero 2018


Dra. Meritxell Huch
Prof. Guo-Li Ming
Prof. Cédric Blanpain
Dr. Manuel Serrano

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When some years ago we began to talk about “genetic reprogramming” this notion was mentioned, and became one of the essential terms, because any adult cell can be re-coded, and, therefore, turned into a pluripotent cell, a stem cell from a specific cell of a particular patient. For this reason, organoids, apart from their discovery or use as a tool for biomedical research, will be of extraordinary benefit not only in the diagnosis but also in the therapeutical approach, due to the advances achieved on genetic reprogramming. 

In this 10th edition of “Conferences and debates on science”, jointly organised with a prestigious entity such as Springer Nature, and under the title “stems cells and organoids. Revealing their potential to progress towards new treatments”, we address important issues that constitute the fundamental basis of something that should lead all citizens, but especially scientists, to claim greater importance to research, especially in biomedicine. 

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