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19th national competition for scientific and technical research


2018 Call closed

The fundamental objective of the Ramón Areces Foundation is the promotion of scientific and technical research in Spain, the training of its researchers, the promotion and development of education and culture in general. In this context, the Ramón Areces Foundation Grants for Research Projects in Life Sciences and Matter, aim to promote Spanish scientific research, particularly in those areas that require special attention because of their relative orphanage or because of their special interest for today's society.


For the development of this Call, each research team may submit a single proposal, which must indicate the topic you want to compete. This issue must necessarily be framed in one of the following:


First Requirement

For the development of this Call, each research team may submit a single proposal, which must indicate the topic you want to compete. This issue must necessarily be framed in one of the following:

  • Rare diseases
  • Precision medicine and cancer
  • Sepsis: early warning, prevention and treatment
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Multiple sclerosis (MS). Molecular etiology and new treatments
  • Intercellular dialogue and Interactome: pathological implications
  • Food security and biotechnology
  • Renewable energy: materials and processes
  • Graphene, atoms, clusters and metal nanoparticles. Fundamentals and applications.
  • High-temperature superconducting materials

In the resolution of the current Call, the Foundation wishes to take into account the preferential support, as main responsibles, to young Spanish researchers, who do not have abundant resources, especially taking into account that the Grant can suppose a determined impulse to the development of their research.

Second requirement

I.- You can request Research Grants, within the framework of this Call, Spanish research teams, under the direction of a Principal Investigator (IP), to carry out their work within the same center, although some researcher may also be part of the team, from another University, Center or Institution, in charge of a specific task. Those groups that are enjoying or have enjoyed, in the last four years, a Ramón Areces Foundation Grant, will not be able to attend this call.

II.- The application will be made in an online form established for this purpose, which will be available on the website of the Ramón Areces Foundation when the deadline to submit the applications opens.

III.-The following documents will be attached to the application in PDF format (.pdf):

  1. Photocopy of the National Identification Document (N.I.D.) of the Principal Investigator: Document "NIDPI (surname).pdf"
  2. Project Summary that includes title, name and affiliation of the Principal Investigator, a summary of 250 words of the Project, as well as the composition of the team and the signature of each of its components. Document "PS (surname).pdf"
  3. Proof of admittance in the foreign university or research centre for the 2016/2017 academic year, which should include assurance that no fees will be payable for the use of the laboratory (bench fees): Document"AC (surname PI).pdf"
  4. Research report, written in Spanish or English, including background, work hypothesis, objectives, methods and detailed budget with the items corresponding to personnel, inventoriable material, consumables, travel and others: Document "MEMI (surname PI) .pdf "
  5. List of the external financing of the applicant group, different from that requested in this Project: Document"FE (surname PI).pdf"
  6. Brief Curriculum vitae of the Principal Investigator: Document "CV (surname PI).pdf"
  7. Printed information on data protection and consent. This document will be downloaded from the web and must be signed by the Principal Investigator. Document "RGPD_PIsurnamePI.pdf". Each member of the research team will be assigned a consecutive number from 2, that is, the first member will be 2, the next member will be 3, and so on. For each of the members of the research team the following documents will be attached:
    • Brief Curriculum vitae: Document "CV (surname).pdf"
    • Printed information on data protection and consent. This document will be downloaded from the web and must be signed by the Researcher Document "RGPD_I'n'SurnameI'n'.pdf". Replace 'n' with the number that corresponds to each membe

IV.- The Ramón Areces Foundation does not directly finance the personnel of the team or investigative teams that have to carry out the Project, whose remuneration must be assumed by the institutions or agencies where said personnel work. The research team must be integrated, preferably, by personnel in possession of the title of Doctor and who is part of the staff of the Center in which the investigation will be carried out. However, if at any time the Project Management considers it appropriate, for the development of the same, the incorporation of a collaborating researcher, it may request the Foundation its incorporation to the Project, accompanying the application, the justification of the incorporation, the curriculum. vitae of the interested party and the term that this incorporation has to last, which may not exceed the amount necessary for the realization of the Project. The provision is understood to be included in the budget of the Project, without exceeding 1,400 gross euros per month, including social expenses. There will be no type of employment relationship between the Foundation and the person incorporated into the Project.

V.- In the isection of inventory material only the instruments directly necessary for the realization of the Project must be requested. If similar equipment exists in the applicant's environment, the impossibility of using it must be justified. In particular, the expenses of amortization of existing material or furniture or office material should not be included in the requests.

VI.- The amount requested in the travel and subsistence allowance must not exceed 2,500 euros per year. Only in special cases in which the nature of the project requires work done in the field, the Foundation will authorize larger amounts.

VII.- The total amount of aid requested for a Project must be related to the number of researchers involved in it. The requested figure must also take into account the other sources of funding available to the research team, as stated in the corresponding section of the Project form, and it is essential to report on this point. In any case, the maximum amount requested must not exceed € 160,000 for three years.

VIII.- All documentation, duly completed, will be sent electronically through the Foundation's website through a link that will be available on the Ramón Areces Foundation website when the application period opens. The web link to make the applications will be open, exclusively, from May 1 to May 31, 2018.

IX.- The applications will be studied by a Jury appointed for that purpose by the Foundation. The Jury will select the applications that, in its judgment, are worthy of the Aid, taking into account the quality and viability of each Project, as well as its adequacy with the requested budget. The Jury will send to the Scientific Council the corresponding proposal for its study and subsequent transfer to the Board of the Foundation.

X.- The Board of Trustees, once approved, where appropriate, the Jury's proposal, will communicate, through the Director of the Foundation, the final decision to the applicants that have been selected, specifying the amount allocated for the execution of the Project, in order to that they can readjust the requested budget. The decision of the Board will be, in any case, unappealable.

Third requirement

I.- Those responsible for the execution of the selected Projects will sign a contract related to the execution of their Research Project. If the requested budget has been modified, they will have to adapt, previously, said budget to the total amount granted, without increasing any of the items included in the original budget. The said contract will also contain a clause whereby the person responsible for the Project expressly declares that:

  • A) Has not obtained a grant of funds from another source to finance all or part of said Project, outside of the possible use of the consigned in the corresponding section of the form of its own Project.
  • B) Communicate, to the Ramón Areces Foundation, any concession of new funds that affect the Project, with the commitment to readjust, as a result, the approved budget.

II.-The Scientific Council will adopt the appropriate measures for the supervision of the development of the Projects, informing, periodically to the Foundation, about the progress of the tasks of execution of each Project and of the correct application of the granted grant.

III.- The researchers awarded the Aid must respect the budgets approved by the Foundation. Exceptionally, if the development of the Project makes it necessary, the Principal Investigator may decide to transfer funds between budget chapters of the same annuity, which will require the express authorization of the Foundation.

IV.- The researchers responsible for each Project must submit annually to the Foundation a report summarizing the progress that is being made in the development of research work, publications and communications to congresses. These reports should indicate the tasks carried out, making specific reference to the objectives contained in the Project, so that the progress made in complying with them is made clear. The reports will also contain a report of the expenses incurred, their supporting documents and the indication of the specific items of the approved budget in which they were included. The income of the annuity will be made after the favorable report of the annual report.

V.- The Principal Investigator of each Project is committed to collaborate with the Foundation in the public dissemination of the results of its research.

VI.-The intellectual or industrial property rights that may derive from the execution of each Project shall correspond to their authors.

VII.- The publications derived from the research project must be consigned to the Ramón Areces Foundation as a source of funding.

VIII.- The authors of the funded projects will give their consent to the Ramón Areces Foundation so that their names appear on the website and any other publication of the Foundation. In the event that the application is signed, only, by one of the authors, he / she must provide a written copy of each participant in the selected Project by which he / she gives his / her consent for the publication of his / her name on the website and any other publication of the foundation.

IX.- The presentation of the request supposes the acceptance and fulfillment without reserve and exception, of all the Bases and conditions of the Contest.

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