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Aging and neurodegenerative diseases

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS): Molecular Etiology and Novel Treatments

Analylsis of international educational indicators

Applied Economics


Biomimetic models

Biotechnology for functional food

Cell therapy in neurodegenerative diseases

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of atherosclerosis

Climate change

Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Commercial distribution

Economic analysis

Economic history

Economics and Law

Economics of Education

Exosomes: intercellular communication as a therapeutic weapon

Food security and biotechnology

Gene and regenerative therapy

Genetic and pharmacogenetic markers

Graphene, atoms, clusters and metallic nanoparticles: Fundamental Basis and Applications

Graphene, foundations and applications

Health economics

High-temperature superconducting materials

Immunotherapy and cancer

Industrial economics and regulation

Infection: early warning, prevention and treatment

Interactome: pathological implications

Intercellular Dialogue and Interactome: Pathological Implications

International economics

Labour economics


Marine sciences

Metabolism and cancer

Molecular memory mechanisms

New materials: fundamentals and applications

Personalized therapy, immunotherapy and cancer

Precision Medicine and Cancer

Public economics

Rare diseases

Renewable energy: materials and processes

Resistance of plants to pollution

Sepsis: Early Warning, Prevention and Treatment

The genome and epigenome

Tissue reprogramming and organoids

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