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Advanced photo systems with biocidal properties for coatings development with application in food and hospital safety

18th national competition for scientific and technical research

Food security and biotechnology

Senior Researcher : Ana Iglesias Juez

Research Centre or Institution : Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica. CSIC. Madrid.


The objective was to provide new biotechnological tools based on photocatalytic-multifunctional systems. They are based on ZnO nanostructures that have been applied as photoactive coatings. The prepared Zn oxide photocatalysts had an important biocidal action reducing bacterial colonization. Later, based on these materials, more complex formulations have been designed with greater potential: composites based on efficient combination with other semiconductors and graphene derivatives. These new coatings act more efficient, are very stable and have allowed to keep the surfaces free of bacterial colonization and biofilm formation. Recent tests have also proven effective virucidal capacity..

The project has had a multidisciplinary approach that combined the development of nanomaterials, taking into account advanced concepts of photocatalysis, the use of modern analysis techniques and biocidal activity studies, in order to solve the search for cost-effective nanotechnologies, more effective and safer that prevent biological risk in a wide range of applications.

It is possible to obtain coatings of high homogeneity and with thickness control. Different parameters have been explored (proportions between components, times of exposure to culture, lighting, coating thickness ...) and biological tests have allowed to verify the effectiveness in microorganism inactivation and the involved mechanisms. The surfaces also have self-cleaning properties.


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