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Application of genetic analyses for the creation of germplasm banks in teleostei

15th National Programme for the allocation of Research Grants for Life and Matter Sciences

Marine sciences

Senior Researcher : Vanesa Robles Rodríguez

Research Centre or Institution : Departamento de Biología Molecular e Instituto de Desarrollo Ganadero y Sanidad Animal (INDEGSAL). Universidad de León


This project aims to determine whether the study of gene expression in germ cells and testicular somatic cells would allow molecular diagnosis of sperm quality in male reproducers. To this end gene expression will be assessed using RT QPCR in fish sperm and testicular samples and parametric indicators of sperm quality, such as motility and viability, will be analysed; the latter being studied by flow cytometry. The aim is also to assess the genetic damage in the germline cells after cryopreservation. This project represents a qualitative leap forward in the analysis of semen quality in fish and in genetic damage assessment by incorporating new molecular biology technologies in the service of the aquaculture and conservation industries.

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