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Beyond biogas as renewable energy source: conversion to methanol through metallic nanoparticles embedded in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)

19th national competition for scientific and technical research

Renewable energy: materials and processes

Senior Researcher : Antonio Sánchez Ferrer

Research Centre or Institution : Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.


The main objective of the META2NOL project is the catalytic conversion of the main components of biogas, methane and carbon dioxide, into a biofuel such as methanol. Methanol, being liquid at ambient conditions, is a compound that is much easier to handle and transport. In this way, organic waste is valorized and the greenhouse gases contained in biogas are reduced.

Once the project is finished, most of the proposed objectives have been achieved, although preliminary results were obtained in the methane to methanol conversion reaction that could not be published. However, various studies have been published in relation to promising materials to carry out the conversion reaction from carbon dioxide to methanol. For example, a systematic study of the catalytic capacity of copper and zinc nanomaterials was carried out and published. Regarding collaborations with other centers, as a result of an international collaboration with the Institute of Electronics of the University of Montpellier, a patent proposal related to the study of ZnO materials with oriented crystalline planes has been submitted. A fruitful collaboration has also been established with the Barcelona Institute of Materials Science for the study of a novel material such as a 3D aerogel composed of Cu0ZnO@rGO. In addition, the development of the project has allowed the completion of two final master's theses and one final degree thesis, and a doctoral thesis that is in progress. In addition, the project has obtained funding for its continuation in the recent call for Strategic Projects Oriented to the Ecological Transition and the Digital Transition 2021, from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (SQUEEZER Project).


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