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Climate change, inequality and forced migration. Responsibility along global value chains.

20th National Competition for Economic Research Grants (2021)

Economic analysis

Senior Researcher : Guadalupe Arce González

Research Centre or Institution : Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha. Albacete.


Climate change is a game-changing phenomenon in all the spheres of human life. Large numbers of people migrate involuntarily because of climate pressures that either affect their life quality, their source of income or both. Given the magnitude of the problem that we will have to face in the coming years, this project aims to address the challenge of forced climate migrations by providing new scientific evidence and more accurate characterization of the expected migratory flows to the literature and institutions and more accurate characterization of the expected migratory flows.

Up to now, objectives one and two of the project have been addressed, which referred to the obtaining and exploitation of a database on climate migrations and the analysis of the relationship between inequality and vulnerability with forced migrations due to climatic causes.

In this first phase we have focused on two highly vulnerable areas such as the Bangladesh and Ghana deltas, using and refining a quantitative and qualitative database obtained from surveys2. With this information, we have determined the main drivers of migration, revealing whether the underlying motivation for migration is related to climate change, despite the fact that households do not explicitly identify it as the main reason for migration, since they usually refer to economic reasons.

Another of the important pillars of this project is the desire to transfer to the society the main results, to involve and raise awareness. In this sense, in this first year of the project, three actions to transfer results have been carried out, where children and young people have been the protagonists.


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