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Commercialisation and internationalisation strategy: standardisation vs adaptation

14th National Competition for Economic Research Grants

Commercial distribution

Senior Researcher : Alicia Barroso Ludeña

Research Centre or Institution : Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.


In recent decades, there has been a global process of market integration with a progressive trend towards the internationalisation of companies. In this context, companies decide to expand their activities beyond their domestic markets not only due to expectations of growth and expansion, but also due to the need to survive. The correct design of commercialisation strategies in the internationalisation of the company is fundamental in order to compete efficiently in the new markets. In this context, one of the most important decisions that the company must take is whether or not to adapt its commercialisation strategies in the new markets.

The aim of this research project is to analyse the different factors affecting the optimum level of adaptation of the commercial strategy when entering new geographical markets. This project places particular emphasis on the role of the portfolio of products and, in particular, its level of diversification (number of segments in which the company offers an adapted range of products) in the determination of the company's optimum strategy.

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