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Design and implementation of composite indicators: A proposal for the field of sustainability

International economics

Senior Researcher : Patrizia Pérez Asurmendi

Research Centre or Institution : Universidad Complutense de Madrid


The accepted project established four objectives:

1. To design a composite indicator based on the Society Sustainable Index (SSI) by means of the Choquet Integral. An index has been constructed, based on Choquet Integral, applied to the SSI data where the weight of each indicator takes the Shapley Value and considers its interrelations with the other indicators by means of two models: one of them take into account the correlations between the indicators whereas the other does not. In both cases, the level of compensability between indicators is controlled.

2. To extend the proposal to other indicators in the framework of the economy and to multi-criteria decision methods. The proposal has been applied to the Human Development Index (HDI) and to multi-criteria decision making in the case of small committees.

3. To implement and disseminate the proposed design of indicators through the Shiny application from R-Studio. The proposal for the SSI and HDI has been implemented in R and Shiny. In the case of R, the code has been generalized so that it can be used with other indicators.

4. To extend the proposal to consider more general functions than the Pearson correlation coefficient, in order to represent interrelations between indicators. The application of Spearman’s coefficient to the indicator has been analysed. Despite the fact that this coefficient includes non-linear relationships, no different results were found to those obtained using Pearson’s linear correlation coefficient.


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