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Development of a management to measure the impact of prices and sales promotions in distribution establishments and application in the food retail trade in Spain

8th National Competition for Economic Research Grants

Commercial distribution

Senior Researcher : María del Pilar Martínez Ruiz

Research Centre or Institution : Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de Cuenca. Universidad de Castilla La Mancha


The project has made it possible to advance in the knowledge of the impact of prices and sales promotions on the purchasing behaviour of consumers in food retail establishments. The results obtained have been presented at numerous congresses and in national and international journals, some with notable JCR impact indices. These findings have revealed, among other things, that, despite the economic crisis, retailers in the mass consumer products sector have a large number of variables to influence the satisfaction of their customers, and consequently other aspects of the business such as profitability or loyalty ‑ for example, customer service and proximity to the home.

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