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Development of Lab-on-a-chip nanostructured sensors for the detection of pathogens and food-borne chemical agents based on Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)

18th national competition for scientific and technical research

Food security and biotechnology

Senior Researcher : Jorge Pérez Juste


The main objective of the SERSforSAFETY project is to design and develop miniaturized "lab-on-chip" diagnostic platforms based on Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy for the subsequent manufacture of sensitive, fast and portable point-of-care devices for the ultrasensitive detection of bacteria and various chemical contaminants. To achieve our objectives, we will apply synthetic methodologies developed in the fields of Nanochemistry and Materials Science to fabricate sensing platforms based on plasmonic metal nanoparticles deposited in porous filter membranes (such as paper) or glass substrates designed by soft photolithography techniques. Once the materials are manufactured, the next objective is to demonstrate their applicability in the field of sensors, and in particular towards the bio-detection of different analytes in complex media such as food.

To this end, its ability to detect different pathogenic microorganisms and chemical contaminants by SERS spectroscopy will be evaluated. Finally, we will address the main objective of the project: the development of a miniaturized diagnostic platform "lab on chip" and its application in point-of-care devices for the ultra-detection of pathogenic microorganisms and chemical contaminants in real samples. At the current stage, we are developing a lab on a chip system based on a lateral flow immunoassay for simultaneous detection of different allergens and contaminants. To this end, different metal nanoparticles encoded with active molecules in Raman have been synthesized, which will be bioconjugated with antibodies specific to allergens and contaminants to be detected.


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Magazine Articles 7
Communications at national conferences 6
Communications at international conferences 17


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