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Economic-historical origins of partisan effects of electoral systems in contemporary democracies

Economic history

Senior Researcher : Pedro Riera Sagrera

Research Centre or Institution : Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.


This project seeks to investigate the partisan effects of electoral systems from a comparative perspective. I have managed to present some preliminary findings in national (Asociación Española de Ciencia Política) and international (Midwest Political Science Association, European Political Science Association and American Political Science Association) conferences.  These preliminary findings appear now in two articles already accepted for publication (one in European Political Science Review with Francisco Cantú [University of Houston] and one in Electoral Studies with Ignacio Lago [UPF]) and three working papers (one with Ignacio Jurado [UC3M], one with Robert Liñeira [University of Glasgow] and one with Alberto Penadés [Universidad de Salamanca]). Some of these findings go as follows: 1) PR systems generally favour left-wing parties, even though partisan bias sometimes also benefits left-wing parties in majoritarian systems; 2) middle-class citizens are more likely to vote for left-wing parties under PR rules; and 3) in contexts of democratic transitions, former autocratic forces tend to overrepresent the districts where they expect to perform electorally better. This last finding has been possible thanks to the creation of a new historical dataset. In the upcoming months, I will try to keep making progress in the data collection because I have just hired a new research assistant thanks to the funding of the project. I will also transform the previously mentioned working papers into research articles.


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