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Environmental shock and resilience. Evaluating the role of the Institutions in the socioecological and Economic System in the face of uncertainty

Public economics

Senior Researcher : Raquel de la Cruz Modino

Research Centre or Institution : Universidad de La Laguna. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


This project arises in the context of the seismic-volcanic crisis that occurred in 2011 on the Canary island of El Hierro, and addresses the social, economic and political dimensions of adaptation to global changes and environmental hazards, based on the analysis of different case studies, from a quantitative and qualitative research approach. Throughout 2019 and during the first months of 2020, we carried out various campaigns to collect field data, working with the populations of the aforementioned island, as well as various communities around the Roviana Lagoon (Solomon Islands) and the cofradías (fishers’ guild) affected by the Prestige oil spill in Galicia. Consistently with the project, we studied the role of local and regional institutions in the management of each event. We also analyzed their ability to dialogue with the local population, as the images and perceptions of these regarding the event and the management itself.

We combine different tools to study in-depth the level of recovery estimated and perceived by the population. The interest in the comparative study is based on the extension of scientific knowledge but also on the need to propose improvements in our management strategies facing global changes, which have a greater impact on island environments. In this last year, besides, and during the confinement derived from the COVID-19, we took the opportunity to reflect, with many researchers and technicians involved in the management of the catastrophe, about the problems associated with communication and dissemination of such events. In this regard, we assumed that the leadership of institutions and administrations in these situations open to uncertainty is essential in addressing the situations and promoting the future social and economic recovery processes.


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