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Extracellular vesicles biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of post-surgical septic shock

19th national competition for scientific and technical research

Sepsis: Early Warning, Prevention and Treatment

Senior Researcher : Eduardo Tamayo Gómez

Research Centre or Institution : Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valladolid


Sepsis represents a global first magnitude health problem. In Spain, mortality in septic shock is unacceptably high reaching 50-60%. However, there is not a "gold standard" for diagnosis neither prognosis. In relation, the objective of this work is to characterize and analyze peripheral blood miRNAs in extracellular vesicles for its innovative and potential use as a diagnostic and prognosis of clinical evolution biomarker in septic shock. We propase an observational, prospective study of three arms: i) patients with septic shock, ii) patients with NO septic shock, and iii) healthy volunteers. The extracellular vesicles wi/1 be isolated by ultracentrifugation or ultrafiltration. The RNA populations wi/1 be analyzed by massive sequencing using a library of sma/1 RNAs optimized for low concentration of starting RNA. The results obtained with this work would provide health professionals with useful prognostic tools to perform precision treatments with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of the patient. On the other hand, it would favor the involvement of biotechnology companies with the national health system since there is the possibility of developing prognostic kits susceptible to patentability, as endorsed by the attached document of business interest.

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