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Gender differences in productivity and collaboration

Labour economics

Senior Researcher : Lorenzo Ductor Gómez

Research Centre or Institution : Universidad de Granada


One of the main goals of the project is to assess gender differences in academic productivity and collaboration. In the first article of this project, “Gender and Collaboration” (joint with Sanjeev Goyal and Anja Prummer), we documented that women have 27% lower research output than men. An important fraction of this gap is explained by gender differences in collaboration patterns: women have fewer different collaborators (lower degree) than men, they work more with the same collaborators (higher strength) and are more connected between each other (higher clustering coefficient). These gender differences in collaboration patterns are associated with lower performance in scientific production and explain 21% of the research output gap between men and women. This working paper is in the second round of review in one of the best economics journals, “Review of Economics and Statistics”.

The second objective of the project tries to investigate the determinants of the different collaboration patterns between men and women using experiments. In the first, we want to study how the expectations about the performance that men and women have in numerical, verbal, logical and perception tasks could affect collaboration. We were going to execute the experiment in the laboratory, but after the restrictions imposed by the pandemic we had to adapt it to online mode. We have already developed the software for the entire experiment in Qualtrics and in less than a month we will recruit participants via the Prolific platform.

Finally, our project studies if women are discriminated in relevant positions in academia, analysing if there are gender differences in the probability of being a member of the editorial committee of a scientific journal. Our preliminary results reveal that there are no gender differences in the probability to become an editor.


Scientific Production
Magazine Articles -
Communications at national conferences 1
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