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Gut-Finder, an AI-based technology to Promote Healthy Aging

21st national competition for scientific and technical research

Aging and neurodegenerative diseases

Senior Researcher : José Alberto Díaz-Ruiz Ruiz


Decoding fundamental elements that drive the aging process is necessary to clarify the relationships between aging and disease, and to promote sustainable ant-aging interventions in humans. The application of modern artificial intelligence algorithms to develop age predictors and the construction of in silico network models to identify biological markers and mechanisms of aging shed lights onto the development of potential therapeutic options to promote healthy aging individually, based on in silico modulation of these factors. In this scenario, the gut microbiome provides critical control on the preservation of physiological homeostasis, and therapeutic interventions on the microbiome have strongly emerged as feasible strategies to counteract clinical conditions that impact health, including aging. 

The groundbreaking nature of this proposal resides in the construction of a Spanish Micrometabiome Aging Clock (MM-AC) by the integration of metagenomic and metabolomic data. Coupled to the MM-AC, the candidate is decided to develop a Gut-Finder Tool to in silico identify the best ‘gut-matching solution’ (i.e. the probiotic/ and/or metabolite of preference) to boost health and promote the restoration of the microbiomeaging-clock in a personalized manner. Based on his expertise in Metabolism and Aging, the candidate intends to disclose novel gut-mediators with profound impact in the fields of aging and with clinical/transferable implications as anti-aging agents. An extensive characterization of these factors could represent a promising tool to decipher biological aging and to understand the relationships between aging and disease.

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