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Household decision making on energy efficiency: determinants and policy design

Public economics

Senior Researcher : Amaya de Ayala Bilbao

Research Centre or Institution : Universidad del País Vasco (UPV-EHU).


The main objective of the project focuses on understanding the factors that explain consumer decision-making regarding energy efficiency (EE) from the perspective of improving policies to promote more sustainable and low-carbon consumption habits; with special attention to energy efficiency labelling policies in the Spanish household sector.

For this, the project studies the following points: (i) the role of EE and EE labels in consumers’ purchasing decision-making; (ii) attitudinal and socio-economic factors that can explain energy efficient consumer choices; and (iii) potential improvements in the EE label design to increase their effectiveness.

Both socio-economic qualitative and quantitative research is used. On the one hand, focus groups and applied econometric techniques are applied in order to understand socio-economic and attitudinal factors that can explain consumers’ behaviour towards EE. On the other hand, a lab experiment is going to be designed to test what information format in the label is potentially more effective in terms of promoting energy efficient investments.

The project focuses on one of the three product categories that represents a large part of the ecological and carbon footprint in residential consumption: household appliances; as indicators of home energy consumption.

The main results will be disseminated to the corresponding policymakers in order to guide their decision-making process concerning EE and climate change policies. This project and its results will support the energy transition as well as the fulfilment of EE targets established by the European Union for the coming years.


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