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How social commerce can revitalize the Spanish retail sector

16th National Competition for Economic Research Grants

Commercial distribution

Senior Researcher : María Sicilia Piñero

Research Centre or Institution : Universidad de Murcia.


This research project addresses some of the challenges that the Spanish retail sector is currently facing. Specifically, this project focuses on the increasing use of social commerce by both consumers and retailers in other to improve their interactions and make them mutually satisfying. The challenges the research project aims to address are the following: integrating social network sites (SNSs) in their sales processes, improving customer service and purchase experience, reaching an omnichannel strategy, and dealing with customers’ complaints through SNSs. In order to cope with these challenges, this project proposes several research goals to make a significant contribution and expand our knowledge about social commerce and about its ability to revitalize the retail sector.

The goals of this project are the following. First, to analyze customers’ participation on the retailers’ sites as well as the retailers’ use of SNSs. Second, to analyze the ability of SNSs to increase sales both offline and online. Third, to examine the extent to which SNSs can be used as a customer service platform in order to solve potential problems and complaints. And finally, to analyze the effect that customers’ emotions and opinions displayed on SNSs may have on retailers’ assessment in terms of loyalty and brand image. This research project is having important theoretical and practical implications that will be useful for the retail sector. Specifically, research project results are allowing us to inform retailers about how to improve their decisions related to their distribution channels in general and social commerce in particular. Preliminary results indicate that there is still an important effort to be done to integrate offline and online distribution channels among retailers that operate in Spain.


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