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Immigration and productivity: the Spanish challenge

9th National Competition for Economic Research Grants

Labour economics

Senior Researcher : Rosella Nicolini

Research Centre or Institution : Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.


This research project set out to analyse (i) the forms of entry of immigrants into the Spanish labour market (in terms of the type of contract used), and (ii) the type of effect (in terms of productivity) the presence of immigrants can generate. Estimates reveal a considerable statistical dependence between the presence of managers from a given ethnic group and the likelihood of hiring an unqualified worker from the same ethnic group when the groups of natives and immigrants from Latin American countries are analysed. As for productivity, the result obtained is that the incorporation of workers from different ethnic groups is fundamental to determining changes in productivity, even if this result is not guaranteed by belonging to one specific ethnic group or another, but rather is a combination between ethnic group and the work qualifications of those hired.

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