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Investigation on hybrid molecules as powerful novel therapeutic approaches for Multiple Sclerosis and myelin- related rare diseases

19th national competition for scientific and technical research

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS): Molecular Etiology and Novel Treatments

Senior Researcher : Fernando de Castro Soubriet

Research Centre or Institution : Instituto Cajal. CSIC. Madrid.


Together with the group of Dr. Valle Palomo at CIB-CSIC, we have continued our work in the following work pipelines:

Study of the specificity in the penetration of NG2-specific membrane-penetrating peptides. The permeability of two fluorophore-labeled peptide sequences in mixed cultures of oligodendrocyte precursor cells, microglia and astrocytes has been studied.

Objective: To evaluate the uptake (endocytosis) and co-localization of fluorophore reporters in mixed cultures of brain cells.
Results: We have quantified the permeability of two derivatives, CTB2.20 and CTB2.21. Data show a different permeability and preference of CTB2.20 for oligodendrocyte precursor cells and microglia, compared to astrocytes. Their permeability in SH-SY5Y and A549 cell lines has also been evaluated.
Next steps: Finish data evaluation and report the data.

In vivo study of the protection in the experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis model of an inhibitory molecule of LRRK-2.

Objective: To determine the in vivo activity of a small molecule with proliferative capacity of OPCs..
Results: A pilot study of the activity of this compound in reducing EAE pathology has been carried out. It has been observed that the compound is not capable of modulating or slowing down the peak of the disease.
Next steps: Conduct a longer study to assess the potential of the compound.


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