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Learning from the Customer: Online Reviews and Corporate Investment

19th National Competition for Economic Research Grants

Economic analysis

Senior Researcher : Miguel Antón Sancho

Research Centre or Institution : IESE Business School. Universidad de Navarra


Advances in computing power and machine learning have led to an explosion in the usefulness of data across all strata of the economy. Many companies are incorporating these new tools to address important strategic and financial decisions. One of the most important decisions for the viability of companies is where and how to invest. In this project, we will investigate how customer reviews on Amazon.com are a very powerful source of granular information that can help companies make better investment decisions in the medium and long term. We will analyze more than 230 million Amazon consumer reviews of more than 15 million products during the last 22 years, and we will study the effect of considering customer opinion in the different investment decisions of the company (tangible investment through CAPX, intangible through R&D, and investments through M&A).

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