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Migration, Location Choices, Economic Activity, and Housing Markets

Labour economics

Senior Researcher : Joan Monrás Oliu

Research Centre or Institution : Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona


In these two years I have develop four parts of the project. First, together with Christoph Albert, we have develped a new version of our paper “Immigration and Spatial Equilibrium: the Role of Expenditures in the Country of Origin”. During these two years we have obtained new results that reinforce our intial investigations. In this paper, we show that immigrants have an advantage for living in large cities and we explore the consequences that this has for the economy.

Second, I have written the paper “Local Adjustment to Immigrant-driven Labor Supply Shocks” that has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Human Capital. At the beginning of decade of 1980 around 60,000 Cubans moved to Miami, in what was known as the Mariel Boatlift. Using this period, I show how wages in Miami declined at first, but then recovered so that by 1990 there wasn’t any substantial difference between Miami and other locations. My paper studies the different factors that help in this recovery.

Third, I have written the paper “Industrialization without Innovation”, joint with Paula Bustos, Jacopo Ponticelli and Juan Manuel Castro Vincenzi, under revision for the Review of Economic Studies. In this paper, we study how technological advancement in agriculture shape the movement of labor towards manufacturin and how this affects economic growth.

Fourth, I have started a project with Emeric Henry and Arthur Guillouzouic, that studies how the rigidities in the wages of public sector workers affect the distribution of economic activity.


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