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Multifunctional nanomaterials for the treatment of osteoarticular prosthesis infections (Nano4Infection)

21st national competition for scientific and technical research

Infection: early warning, prevention and treatment

Senior Researcher : Isabel Izquierdo Barba

Research Centre or Institution : Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Nano4Infection is a multidisciplinary project that aims to optimise the design of nanomaterials for the treatment of infected osteoarticular prostheses. This project proposes the use of nanoparticles based on bioactive mesoporous glasses (MBGs) due to their ability to release different antimicrobial agents while regenerating bone tissue. Nano4Infection offers an alternative to the revision of infected prostheses by designing nanoparticles for a comprehensive and local treatment of infections. These nanoparticles include: the release of antibiotics and the regeneration of peri-implant bone tissue, all integrated in a single nanosystem. 

Nano4Infection is an innovative project as it extends the scope of application of these bioceramics, commonly used as bone grafts for defects filling, towards the local and complete treatment of prosthetic infection. The multidisciplinary team of Nano4Infection is composed of chemists, biologists and pharmacists with recognised expertise in the design, synthesis, characterisation, and evaluation of bioactive bioceramics. This project has a major impact in the field of health with great socio-economic implications as it offers a paradigm shift in the treatment of prosthetic infections by avoiding the replacement of the infected prosthesis. This means considerable savings for the national health system, as well as an improvement in the quality of life of affected patients.

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