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Neuronline: Neuroscience as a tool offering a better understanding of the affective and cognitive effects of characteristics of website design on online purchase intention

Commercial distribution

Senior Researcher : Luis Alberto Casado Aranda

Research Centre or Institution : Universidad de Granada


The fundamental objective of this project is to propose an effective guide for web design, which includes elements of great value, confidence and reward for the consumer during the online shopping process or during the perception of technology and smart elements, based on the conscious and, above all, subconscious processing of web design elements.

Specific objectives:

1. To understand the effects of technology and smart environments on the consumer at a general level.

2. Analyze the neural processes involved in making online consumer decisions.

3. To determine the most efficient web design alternatives to promote online purchase intention.


Scientific Production
Magazine Articles 7
Communications at national conferences 2
Communications at international conferences 3


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