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New multifunctional nanostructured materials for biomedical applications

15th National Programme for the allocation of Research Grants for Life and Matter Sciences

Biomimetic models

Senior Researcher : Pablo Taboada Antelo

Research Centre or Institution : Faculty of Physics. University of Santiago de Compostela


Most chemical and radiological systems used in the detection and treatment of cancer, including those based on nanoparticles, do not exploit the physiological abnormalities of cancer cells and cause adverse side effects that limit their effectiveness. In addition, the stages of diagnosis and therapy are performed independently, which means delays in the implementation of treatment and the consequent risk to the patient's health. Therefore, this research project proposes the development of a multifunctional theragnostic nanoplatform in an intravenous injection that can be used simultaneously in cancer therapy combining a) the ability to diagnose using magnetic resonance and/or optical imaging, and b) treatment capacity through the combination of chemical, photothermal and magnetothermal therapy. This nanoplatform will be built with biocompatible and biodegradable elements through simple and easily scalable steps.

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