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Nutritional strategies and bioactive compounds to target lipid metabolism alterations in cancer: Platform of Patient derived Paired Organoids for Precision Nutrition

19th national competition for scientific and technical research

Food security and biotechnology

Senior Researcher : Ana Ramírez Molina

Research Centre or Institution : Instituto Madrileño de Estudios Avanzados (IMDEA) en Alimentación. Madrid.


The project aims to design Nutritional strategies based on bioactive compounds to targetlipid metabolism alterations in cancer, taking into consideration the nutritional and metabolic status of the patients, and integrating genomic and life-style data. A Platform of Patient derived Paired Organoids will be developed to apply personalized nutritional interventions.

Firstly, we established biomarkers associated to the metabolic [1] and nutritional status of cancer patients. We have demonstrated that a healthy metabolic status and two lipid metabolism-related genes contribute to increase small cell lung cancer survival [2] (Fernández et al., 2021). Moreover, we have defined a highly specific biomarker of early-age onset colorectal cancer integrating, the implication of the metabolic pathways, as well as intrinsic sex disparities (Fernández et al.).

In a second step, we have analyzed how tumor growth is influenced by the metabolic health of individuals. The growth of colorectal cancer spheroids is augmented in the presence of human plasmas with a high LDL/HDL ratio and diminished in the case of dietary patterns rich in certain nutrients such as cobalt (Cruz-Gil et al., in Preparation). To advance over the limitations to tumor samples access and organoids generation originated by SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we have implemented the Organ on a Chip technology.

A screening of more than 20 natural extracts, approved for human consumption, has been performed to evaluate their effects on the activation of thermogenesis and to increase the oxidative capacity, as strategies against the metabolic stress and low-grade of chronic inflammation associated with chronic diseases [3-5]. In a preclinical model of obesity, the beneficial effects of two extracts have been demonstrated, identifying the molecular mechanisms of action, for their personalized application in cancer patients.

A clinical trial has been initiated with a formulation based on Rosemary extract and alkylglycerols (Lipchronic-PCT/ES2017/070263) with effects on the activation of innate immunity and on the control of the adaptive immune response, with the objective to evaluate its potential benefit in the control of infections in cancer patients (OncoVINFClinicalTrials.govIdentifier-NCT05080920).


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